Compared to state-of-the-art equipment, our inventions and discoveries feature low weight, high performance, low electricity consumption, low acquisition costs and simplicity that enables manufacture thereof in every well-equipped shop. This is directly related to non-destructive mine excavations, mining, tunneling, driving of subway, waterways, canals and roads. Our systems and equipment for electricity production are comparable with performance in nuclear power stations, however, the acquisition costs are significantly lower.

A 1000 MW coal-fired power station consumes approximately 130 thousand wagons of coal within one year of its operation, emitting 200 thousand tons of sulfur dioxide (SO2), 30 thousand tons of nitrogen oxides (appenNOx), 16 thousand tons of fly-ash and tens of tons of heavy, toxic and partly radioactive substances into the air. The “Progrest System” electricity production method with the output of 1000 MW will have the annual operating costs that will be at least one hundred times lower compared to the coal-fired power stations.   

In 1968, our research and production company “Progrest” manufactured the non-destructive rock disintegration systems, well-proven in practice for many times. So hundreds of thousands of people died for nothing and at least 400 billion tons of CO2 leaked into the atmosphere in vain 37 years prior to the Kyoto Protocol not only due to Dr. Husák, but also due to the post-communist leaders of the Czech Republic.

On 14 July 2005, we offered our inventions and discoveries to the Czech government for use, offering demonstration thereof in order to avoid any doubts about their huge significance for the economy of the Czech Republic, including the global emission reduction. There was no interest in demonstration. The present Czech Prime Minister Mgr. Sobotka held the Minister of Finance office in that government.  

We gradually sent the same offer to the Prime Ministers Ing. Topolánek and RNDr. Nečas, to Ing. Rusnok’s “government of experts”, as well as to the present government led by Mgr. Bohuslav Sobotka. Our proposals were always complete, which means that they always contained an inseparable offer of submission of conclusive evidence, including practical demonstration of our inventions in order to avoid any doubts about their significance for the Czech Republic and its citizens.

It has been more than a quarter of a century since we offered our inventions for use to the Federal Republic of Germany and later to the government of the Czech Republic. None of the contacted politicians wanted to see or hear that it was about saving tens of thousands of miners who need not die every year, and they stopped responding to our written offers. They did not want to hear that they would avoid everyday leakage of billions of cubic meters of CO2 and nitrogen oxides which literally swallow our ozone. Not only the Greens, but Ms Merkel did not respond either. But later, during her speech before both houses of the United States Congress on 3 December 2005, she challenged America to reduce the carbon dioxide production.

In the light of these facts, it reveals unbelievable hypocritical friendship of those who, on one hand, urge these countries to reduce the CO2 production, but on the other hand, do everything to avoid this so as not to lose the enormous profits. Not only China, USA, India, etc. could reduce the greenhouse gas production by tens of billions of tons a quarter of a century ago. Year by year! As of result of these facts, the Global Climate Conferences are only a dance of death between hope and despair, mainly due to the corrupt Czech politicians.  

It started with our offer in the letter of 14 July 2005 addressed to the Czech Prime Minister Ing. Paroubek, including but not limited to the following statement: Our inventions can be seen, some of them even touched. You can also eyewitness and make certain of how to drive tunnels, subways or mine works by non-destructive rock disintegration technique according to our invention with economic and ecological parameters which are not possible for the conventional state-of-the-art equipment.

For example, you cannot eyewitness production technology of high-value synthetic diamonds or other highly valuable materials. However, you can get familiar with this technology, like with other tens of other inventions.


As the only statesman on this planet, you have a chance to inform the global public that the Czech Republic has successfully resolved a serious technical problem that will avoid day-to-day leakage of billions of cubic meters of CO2 along with poisonous combustion gases, mainly nitrogen oxides, into the atmosphere, which literally eat our protective ozone, and that it is a concrete evidence of the fact that the “Kyoto Protocol” can be resolved in form of new scientific and technical discoveries, as suggested by the American president George W. Bush.


Such concrete proof of his method of resolving the “Kyoto Protocol” has a huge political significance for the American president.


As the only statesman on this planet, you have a chance to offer help to the government of the People’s Republic of China in its effort to reduce the fatal injuries in its mines to minimum. As you certainly know, tens of thousands of miners die in the Chinese mines every year. Mr Prime Minister, it would, however, be hypocritical to make such offer, while letting our miners die in Mr Bakala’s mines with impunity.

Every democratic government has sufficient legal remedies to ensure safety and fundamental human rights of its citizens.


If your government decides for a democratic solution of the given problem, we would like to ask you for prompt discussions in the presence of an expert selected by you.

With the miner’s greeting Godspeed


Jaroslav  D v o ř á k


The Prime Minister did not receive us, did not exhibit any interest in eye-witnessing significance of these inventions and discoveries for the Czech Republic and did not inform the US president George W. Bush.



The above-mentioned letter must have invoked terrible dilemma in Ing. Paroubek’s mind between the two contradicting options. Firstly, if he has these inventions presented to himself, then he will have no chance to reject them, having to meet other requirements of the inventors towards the US president, as well as those in favor of the Czech citizens. Secondly, what happens if I refuse the inventors and visit the billionaire Mr Bakala, accused in this letter of crimes which I owe the duty to have investigated?

And so this dilemma was resolved to his great personal benefit and to the detriment of the living standard of the Czech citizens, to the detriment of significant CO2 production reduction and to the detriment of lives of hundreds of thousands of people who would not have to die otherwise. And these are exactly the acts which were equated to holocaust already in Copenhagen and will always be classified that way before every court.


We are aware of the fact that the stated parameters of our inventions and discoveries must be supported by conclusive evidence to make our offer credible. Our research team will provide you with such conclusive evidence right after a written agreement is concluded. These facts demand a lot of explanations, as well. The basic ones will be provided to you in form of the following interview:


What is the main advantage of your inventions and discoveries compared to conventional technology?

Firstly, it is not new; it has been developed and tested in the underground in the course of the past fifty years. The principles our equipment is based upon can be verified within a single day and even an amateur can easy understand them after a practical demonstration.  Our goal was to achieve the furthermost limit of the simplicity of all the equipment, which has not only great benefits for the inventor, but risks, as well. Our inventions and discoveries have the biggest significance for environment. They have been practically tested for many times and the results of these tests proved that they could reduce the emissions literally in a revolutionary manner.

What does your new technology feature compared to the conventional technology?

Firstly, it disintegrates every rock without use of explosives with technical parameters not achievable by conventional technology. During tunneling with the use of the most recent conventional technology, for example, during subway tunneling, even high-quality rock is literally ground up with huge electricity consumption. Our driving technology does not produce gravel, but in favorable geological conditions, it produces blocks or semi-finished products for making pillars in a value when revenue from secondary sale of high-quality rock can cover any and all costs of the rough driving of tunnels or subway. Two meters of high-quality rock carved out can yield EUR 100 000 or more, based on the final carved shape agreed to with the customer. The same can be achieved in high-quality rock, for example, when making logging exploration wells.

Your inventions are said to be able to literally carve highways. Is it true?

Our tunnel and subway driving technology is able to carve roads and highways in any location where you hit the rock, in particular, in mountain regions. This technology has great advantages here, given by the fact that anytime it is advantageous to make a part of the highway in a tunnel, everything is done without a need to make any change in the road or highway cut-down technology. We always referred to these benefits, as well, last time in the letter of 8 December 2014 addressed to the president. Quotation: If we have a chance to be received by you, Mr President, we will reveal to you how the railway tunnel under Chlum can be driven for a third of the price so far stated by Metrostav - a company so famous for the “Blanka” tunnel. On the assumption that driving will be done in a very solid rock, as presented, then we can still save a big portion of that one billion. In the letter of 28 November 2014, we advise Mr President of the following: “Ing. Paroubek and the other prime ministers of the Czech Republic would never have a chance to refuse presentation of our inventions and discoveries if the citizens had a chance to learn about so serious issues from the press or TV broadcasting. Dear Mr President, this is also the case today in relation to the railway tunnel near Plzeň.” And the same applies to our generous offer of joint sale of our inventions to the benefit of the citizens of the Czech Republic.

Do you really believe such agreement, even so generous, would happen? Following the Blanka tunnel, Metrostav drove the water drift in Jablonec nad Nisou. The Czech TV made a report on it.

We know that case and we were even in touch with the affected citizens. The Czech TV published it on http://www.ceskatelevize.cz/ivysilani/1142743803-reporteri-ct/. It is worth listening to such report. At that time, we evaluated it using Mr Kalousek’s words: “it rips brain out of one’s head”. The president does not respond to such minor issues, he has another expert in tunnels, highways and bridges who belongs to movement that does not have muffs among its members and can arrange easily for anything.  

What does your certainty that it will happen right after your inventions are published stem from?

The mine owners are, unfortunately, interested only in economy, not ecology. We provide both to the mine owners, ecology in relation to significantly higher economic effect. It will be realistically possible for China to drive the underground works and exploit coal without the use of explosives within one year, while reducing the number of fatal injuries in mines to minimum. If we add the daily reduction of electricity consumption, then China, for example, will achieve value worth billions of US dollars. The same applies to other major global coal producers. Besides billions of dollars, China will also achieve significant reduction of emissions.

I have heard that the inventors apply various methods in order to highly profit from the sale of their inventions.

If the inventor wants to expand his invention to a lot of countries, it requires high financial costs which the inventor does not usually have available. Thus they search for a solution that will enable this. If it is an invention related to mining industry, the best way is to agree with a Chinese citizen to have the invention registered jointly in China. The reason is that in terms of quantity, China has one third of all mines in the world. Thus the inventor expands its invention in the same value as if he expanded its invention for the financial amount of approximately CZK 4 million, which he would have to spend on fees in one third of the world otherwise.

Now I start to understand it, the inventor needs to expand his invention to other countries to enforce his rights there. To do this, he chooses the way that enables it.

This is the reason why the inventors, not only in China, look for the easier way. They, for example, leave for USA to apply for their patents there. The European patent system is 11 times more expensive than in USA and 13 times more expensive than in Japan. The inventor has the right to apply for his invention in a country that is the best one for realization of his invention and to choose a co-owner of eventual patent, preferably such partner who deals with similar technical issues. The inventors must help one another!

As far as I know, you dealt with production of synthetic diamonds!?

We did not; however, when trying to produce new materials for mine bracing using extremely high pressure, we accidentally discovered a lot of technologies that can be applied on great areas only in the underground, including the synthetic diamond production. That is why we brought that to attention of the owners of Czech coal mines directly, while pointing out that they can produce lot of valuables in their underground mines that could bring them more profit than the coal itself. This is still true and it applies not only to diamonds. Driven or mined-out spaces that are being barbarically destroyed by the owners of the mines themselves by the means of cave-ins, thus destroying the environment of other people, are exploitable as manufacturing halls of future enlightened mine owners. Most of the mines which were liquidated in our country could continue to exist not only to the benefit of the currently laid off miners, but also for significant improvement of the economy of the Czech Republic.

This reminds me of Mr Cienciala who demanded OKD to contribute to mitigation of consequences of the enterprise reduction. The same opinion is held also by the president, as well as a number of politicians. However, the demand is unenforceable, we do not have any leverage in this respect, says Mr Cienciala.  

If this president’s “expert” went to a pub in Havířov, he would found the leverage. Unfortunately, discussions are not held with those who have the leverage, it is an undignified way for the “experts”. This results in the economy of the Czech Republic thus losing hundreds of billions in vain and miners losing their jobs. But as far as the mining limit breakthrough is concerned, the president’s expert Mr. Ciencala has too much leverage there.   

Why have you not published your inventions yet?

During our research work we had to face lots of struggles and deceptions, these were the reasons why our inventions are, so far, left unpublished. What is old and surpassed is always trying to prevent the commencement of the new, frequently with deadly spasms. For example, if China makes billions of dollars due to the implementation of our inventions and discoveries, this money will be lacking by others. This phenomenon is then the source of huge problems and tactical acts on both sides. And if billions or even hundreds of billions are at stake, the inventor is forced to defense in an adequate manner. We have been trying to achieve sale of our inventions and discoveries in cooperation with the Czech government so far. The joint sale method would enable the Czech government not only to pay off its national debt, but also to return to the best in the world.  

In former Czechoslovakia, you were the owners of the research and production company called “Progrest” and manufactured state-of-the-art machinery for mines. Now you live in Germany, how should I understand that?

There are certain things happening in politics which lack the logic; that is all. I am glad we are over that now and that now we can hand over our know-how acquired in the uranium and coal mines, not only to the benefit of miners. This is given by the fact that our research was performed in the underground for years where we tested a number of inventions which were not always directly related to driving and mining. For example, our new systems of electricity production which do not give the least chance to survive not only to nuclear power plants. However, this does not prevent the Czech government or President Zeman from inviting the nuclear power plant manufacturers to the tender for the Temelín nuclear power plant finishing. This is one of many desperate attempts aimed at the Czech citizens not to get to the truth about criminal economic management of post-communist leaders.   

Is it possible to test the electricity production in a mine?

Building a power plant in a coal mine is nonsense, although not necessarily, which does not apply to the individual systems and components. If some hundred years old barrier in technology can be surpassed, for example by an invention that substitutes the use of explosives in mines, or an invention that will enable maintaining the primary stress of mountain massif during mining activity, you will find our promptly that such new technology will find tens of other different uses in other industries. From medicine, through army to electricity production - this is how it has worked in technology for centuries. The Geohil-System implemented in Germany for more than a quarter of century led us to the idea, as well as to the tests focused on the “Progrest System” electricity production that will give wealth to the entire Europe.   

How are you getting ready for the climate conference in Paris?

We experienced the atmosphere in Copenhagen and we also informed our politicians about it. As renowned lawyers are convinced, we should have brought a suit against the Czech government and the Czech president a long time ago and demand billion worth compensation. This would invoke tension when the Czech government would get into situation when it would have to defend its crimes before international institutes and international community and face suits brought against it by countries or individuals. If this happens, it will not be our fault. It would endanger our objective to put the Czech Republic back where it historically belongs to, among the absolute elite, among the best ones.

I have the impression that Minister Richard Brabec will be in a difficult situation in Paris.

Not only him, and assessing it in the context of the course of events in Copenhagen, the Czech Republic must take into account the fact that it will receive at least huge moral condemnation before the whole world. Every politician should know that who causes a desperate situation must expect desperate acts of the affected parties. I would want to be in the situation of the president or prime minister when personally meeting the presidents of China or USA where hundreds of thousands of their citizens died and still die due to their arrogance and cynicism. And there are many more affected countries like that, of course.

If the Czech government and president keep insisting on their attitude, the Paris conference will certainly brand them as murderers.  

This reminds me of the great leader of the Union Mr Zavadil who branded Mr Nečas’s government as the government of murders before the entire Czech public. Mr Zavadil is currently a member of Chamber of Deputies.

You have been declaring for many many years that you resolved the issue of driving and mining in mines without the use of explosives, in addition, with high economic effect, and Mr Bakala keeps using explosives in his mines. Can one understand it?

One can understand it in case of Mr Bakala, not in case of the Czech government. If Mr Bakala bought a license from us that also contains a number of other inventions, for example the mine bracing, Germany would lose profit worth billions a year to the benefit of the Czech Republic. Our corrupt politicians including the president are well aware of this fact. This would happen even if we signed the above-mentioned agreement with a Chinese citizen. The patent application costs approximately EUR 500 in the People’s Republic of China. In such case, we would, however, have to say goodbye to the program of how to turn the Czech Republic into the Czech Switzerland. Therefore, we offer a half of the profit from sale of licenses to all of our inventions and discoveries to the Czech Republic. Which guarantees that the Czech Republic can return to the elite, for example, to achieve the living standard of the citizens of the Swiss Confederation.

And what about Mr Bakala, then?

In such case, the president’s expert receives the required leverage for Mr Bakala. Not only Mr Bakala will be forbidden to use explosives and all mines in the world will then be happy to pay the license fees for our inventions which will help them achieve much higher profit. And we will give certainty to the EU leaders that the greenhouse gas reduction by 40 % will be maintained and that the global temperature increase below 2° will be certainly maintained, as well.

Why can you not reach an agreement?

We have been making arrangements for ten years, every time offering submission of conclusive evidence of significance of our inventions and discoveries which nothing and no one can dispute. Our objective was, and despite the stated lack of interest of the politicians remains to be, to return the Czech Republic to where it historically belongs to - among the absolute world elite. Our inventions and discoveries enabled fulfillment of this objective of ours back in 2005. The post-communist government had its own objectives and was not interested even in demonstration of our inventions. A decade has passed and the Progrest research team again offers the same what it offered ten years ago. If we happen to reach an agreement between us and the political representation, it will confirm that our Czech state could have had significantly higher living standard at the present, or that miners did not have to die for nothing in the Bakala’s mines, as well as other hundreds of thousands of miners all over the world. And so here lies the rub, a left-wing politician is well aware of the fact that this will get him into situation that is very unpleasant for such parties and that they have their hands dirty from blood of innocent people. The present holocaust.

Have you ever talked to them in person?

We always demanded it, it is the best way to reach an agreement, but even the president is not interested. We offer solution, in which everything would be forgotten, including all who took part in these iniquities. It was not only the Czech Social Democratic Party, the same attitude towards the possibility of direct transfer of our inventions was assumed by the right-wing parties, as well. The Civil Democratic Party seems to say goodbye not only to Topolánek, which gives hope for negotiations. Only a party that can learn from its own mistakes has a future.

At the time of working as miners, you managed to make mining equipment after the working hours and at your expenses. It was certainly impossible to do such things without assistance and consent of those who allowed you to work in the mine shops. Or am I wrong?

You are right that it would be impossible without assistance. Starting with Jáchymov, it was Ing. Karel Boček, general manager of the Jáchymov mines, an excellent engineer and person. We coincidentally stayed at the same Ruzyň hotel in one period. In the Ostrava region, it was Drahomír Kolder and Jaroslav Miska, when it was “tit for tat” first of all, but let’s leave this issue for later. From the human aspect, full of love and feel for mining, it was Ing. Jaroslav Mika, Ing. Zdeněk Karásek, Ing. Zdeněk Dombrovský CSc., Ing. Pěch and others from the former Fučík mine in Petřvald.

Do you have problems selling your inventions and discoveries?

We negotiated with a number of parties interested, each of them goes for billions worth profit. But when we could not agree on the above-mentioned attitude towards the Czech Republic, we finished the discussions. We also conducted negotiations at various sales agencies, etc. Japan even established the carbon dioxide emission reduction fund - Cool Earth Partnership. The association of investors and philanthropists who invest in renewable resources was also joined by the Rockefellers who are going to release over USD 50 billion for this movement. And the Microsoft founder Bill Gates and his wife, etc. do not stand aside either. In terms of selling our inventions, we mainly have problems with the Czech politicians. Why it is the case - they will have to explain it to you one day. One thing is for sure - they committed disloyalty to what they swore to.

A new star named “Alexandr Babiš” appeared in the Czech Republic who resolved to cleanse the “Augean stables”, promising everyone that the times would get better. So will it be the best for you to deal directly with him or am I wrong?

I fairly liked Ing. Babiš and there was a portrait in my office of a worried Mr Baniš complaining that everyone kicks him, which makes him stronger. I also trusted Zeman to go the TGM’s way. I wrote a lot of letters to Ing. Babiš. It was always about the same, Mr Babiš, even an enterprise does not work without a program! For the sake of understanding, we will publish some of them, because before elections, we recommended the Czech voters to vote for Mr Babiš. The letters addressed to Mr Babiš were sent, like all of our letters addressed to the politicians, by registered mail.

You are 81 years old, you spent 14 years in jail, waiting for the capital punishment as a terrorist group leader. Is it not the high time for retirement? Or do you and your colleagues still care about the damned CO2 emissions?

The inventor himself does not stop inventing and likes to work even when he is one hundred years old, as long as the brain allows. And as far as the CO2 emission reduction is concerned, there is still a lot of work in this field. The serious polluters of the environment currently include huge vessels used for both freight and passenger transportation. For example, Oasis of the Seas, a vessel that looks like a sailing city. Fifteen vessels like this pollute the environment more than all cars of the world. And there is a solution for this. Replace the internal combustion engines with electric ones, which requires these vessels to have their own power supply. I.e. the Progrest system power station. My charge in the role of a terrorist group leader which was supposed to result in execution according to the scenario of the National Security Agency did not realize thanks to huge protests coming from abroad. The National Security Agency’s aim was to induce fear for life among the Charter 77 signatories, thus prevent other members from joining.  

In the list of possible fields in which your inventions are applicable, you mention geothermal bores and canal construction. Are you aware of the fact that Turkey wants to drive a new Bosporus?

We are familiar with this ambitious project of the Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, and we are familiar with his introductory word saying that “Every great step and every great victory in human history was preceded by the great dreams.”

If I am right, Prime Minister Erdogan gives you a great opportunity here, as well. What can you offer to Turkey in realization of this great project?

Our technology can not only substantially accelerate the canal construction, but can also make it significantly less expensive and at significantly higher quality, compared to the conventional technology with the use of explosives.

What great advantages would your technology have in this respect?

We do not use explosives for mining, which has numerous advantages. There would be no kilogram of explosive used for completion of the stated canal using our technology. The explosives deteriorate the rock, which itself becomes a new ecological problem. To the contrary, our rock disintegration systems carve out this waste material, turning it into valuable and expensive building material in geological environment with high-quality rock. Bridges and tunnels can be made easily in advance for relatively lower costs and the rock carved out after they are completed. Not only this project, but also the Nicaragua Canal and others, gloated away from the Czech Republic due to ignorance of the post-communist politicians of the Czech Republic. What can you expect from these people other than slush and misery, as they received our offer for direct demonstration of our technology for driving tunnels and subways without the use of explosives two years before the Blanka tunnel commencement. It means without detonations and related damaging of buildings and without their bracing even directly in apartments and scaffolding protecting against falling rendering, without dangerous sifting to the surface (cave-in), etc. The Blanka tunnel is a terrorist act of the corrupt Czech politicians towards the citizens of Prague and it is not Mr Kožený’s fault.

In your opinion, the Blanka tunnel is right example of political slush of the post-communist politicians. Can quality of the tunnel bring more surprises?

Statics of the buildings above the tunnel were severely disturbed and only the time will show to what extent. Glasses and cups will no longer dance on the shelf but no one can guarantee that there will not be gradual demolitions of some buildings necessary. Driving of the Blanka tunnel could have become a display case for the whole world that would give jobs to Czech miners and engineers all over the world. Not only in canal construction, which would bring enormous profit to the Czech Republic.     

Tunneling in high-quality rocks gives you an opportunity to cover all costs of rough driving of the works from sale of blocks and pillars. Does the same apply in case of canal construction?

If the canal is located in high-quality rock, it does. The carved out pillars or blocks are worth several thousands of euros. The price of one block or pillar differs in case of granite, sandstone or marble and depends also on size of the block. The canal in Turkey is to be 50 km long, which will, de facto, be a 50 km long quarry, more precisely tens of quarries so that the canal construction does not take long. With our technology, tens of these quarries can turn into gold mines if they are located in high-quality rock that will enable further use of the rock, for example, in building industry. The same applies to the Nicaragua Canal construction.

Does Turkey also own the geothermal energy sources?

Turkish bores do drill to the hot water often. Opportunities of geothermal energy utilization are thus great here, also due to its presence near to the surface - like it is in Hungary, Slovakia or in Cheb region in the Czech Republic, but also in Germany. For example, the Hungarian thermal basin is a valuable natural asset. If Mr Viktor Orbán had our drilling systems, he would not need a nuclear power plant. Everything is interrelated and thus Slovakia does not have them either and it also leans on the nuclear power plants for the future. Japan will shut down all of its nuclear power plants within 3 years. Countries without nuclear power will include Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Austria and Japan. We exported sugar factories, breweries and power plants in the “first republic” era. One of them is still in operation in China.    

So why are they not exploited?

So far, conventional technology cannot drill the bores of a great diameter and prevent the leakage of underground, often very aggressive, waters to the surface simultaneously. We kept drawing attention to this future source of clean energy, as well as we offered the practical demonstration of the system to its successful solution. Usage of geothermal energy itself is not a novelty. As early as in 1913, Tuscany geothermal power plant was put into operation, soon followed by geothermal power plants in USA and Japan. Lot of countries know of this clean source of energy but haven’t found the solution for great utilization thereof. The Germans know well that the usage of geothermal energy will allow them to cut off the nuclear power and to gain profitable export article. So far, they have a lot of problems on the way and the earthquake caused by their Pfalz Geothermie-Kraftwerk was the reasons of it premature shut-down.

Human-caused earthquakes are certainly a big problem for the makers of geothermal power stations. Is this problem manageable?

There are substantially more problems in the use of nuclear power. Expenses of the construction of one nuclear power plant, including its shut-down, are so great that they would cover the expenses of construction of at least five geothermal 2000 MW power plants with a lifespan of one hundred years. Our inventions solved technical difficulties associated with underground operations that were considered to be unsolvable. To handle those difficulties, it was necessary to apply our new technology in harmony with nature, not against it. as is, unfortunately, still very common. If the harmony with nature is maintained during the construction process of the geothermal power plants, no human-caused earthquakes will take place. Who cannot maintain the primary tension of the rock massif in mines cannot construct geothermal power plants. Mines themselves cause earthquakes that scare people quite often. On 25 November 2011, the German court passed the sentence of the guilt of Ruhrkohle AG in the matter of causing damages to the citizens due to the mining operations of the company that was the direct cause of the earthquakes in intensity of 3.5 MCS.

To what extent are your rock disintegration systems related to CO2?

A lot of inventions which were chanted upon their origination were cursed a hundred times later on and use of explosives in mines is one of them. The present driving technologies can drive tunnels or subways, but they cannot be applied without the use of explosives, while they just mill and crush the rock with enormous electricity consumption. Besides, the waste rock constitutes another ecological problem. With the use of our technology, you can get pillars or blocks with the value of EUR 100 000 just in two meters of carved out drift-way in high-quality rock. You will get nothing for the rock ground by conventional technology, and in addition, you will incur expenses for storing the ground rock and environmental protection of the area around such dump. To answer your question to what extent our rock disintegration system is related to CO2? China operates approximately 30 000 coal mines. Besides these mines, it also has ore mines in roughly the same quantity. As a miner, I drove a few kilometers of drift-ways and I know what I am talking about. We used at least 120 kg of explosives in three shifts every day. The mine as a whole consumed at least one ton of explosives every day. Then we just multiply that one ton with the number of mines in the world to find out that the mines produce hundreds of billions of cubic meters of CO2 and other poisonous substances, mostly oxides forming a part of the greenhouse gas complex, in a single day. It will actually be much more, as there are a number of other activities using explosives on a daily basis and where our rock disintegration systems can also be applied advantageously.

I have read that China operates so many mines that the government itself does not know the precise count thereof.

According to the most recent statistical data we have available, China was operating 22 325 bituminous coal mines where 5.9 million people worked. Other 1 953 mines were owned by towns and cities. The biggest group of about 20 000 mines is privately owned. Stating that the People’s Republic of China has 30 000 coal mines, it is obvious that our detail is significantly underestimated.

How are your mine braces different from the conventional ones?

Mainly in their parameters which enable to maintain the primary tension in the rock massif. The conventional braces recede the rock massif tension and constitute the most expensive equipment in the mine, ranging from EUR 50 to 100 million per stope. The price is based on the deposit depth and stope length. Our braces interact with the rock massif, which enables them to withstand the rock massif pressure, while they can be made in any mine shop.

Why were not Mr Bakala and our politicians interested in these braces, as the Doubrava mine would get them from you for free?

In the letter of 10 October 2012 addressed to the OKD General Manager Dr. Ing. Klaus-Dieter Beck, it is in the following passage: “When we finally managed to enter into agreement with the Darkov mine management concerning application of our mine bracing in places where the conventional bracing does not resist the rock massif pressure, our agreement was cancelled all of a sudden. A squeeze occurred in this mine shortly afterwards which claimed the life of two Slovak miners. It was discovered, as always, that the accident could not have been avoided. We contacted the Ostrava TV, advising that it is a mendacious statement and that we want to tell the truth to the miners. Soon we received a notice stating that this was impossible. So we contacted the “Blesk” editor who assured us to publish information about this crime. However, this did not happen either, Mr Bakala settled it his way and acquired the publishing house. We informed our politicians about these crimes as always, including the president. In connection with this issue, we showed them who President Putin manages such problems in relation to the miners.

In 60 years of your work, you must have made some invention or discovery coincidentally, am I correct?

Coincidences helped make a lot of inventions, which is also our case. As an example, it is the invention we named “Hunt”. The European mines we visited keep facing this problem. What is the matter? It is about transformation of the waste rock into a solid material with high strength within short period of time, de facto, a flash metamorphosis. Hunt is a mine vehicle, into which the miners load the mined rock and at the bottom of which the fine fraction of the waste rock is transformed during transportation. It is not easy to remove from the vehicle the waste rock that has meanwhile transformed into solid and compact material, because it is literally clang to the mine vehicle. A coincidence resolved this, giving us the knowledge that finds great use not only in mines. We can state a lot of other examples like this one, proving what Ing. Dobrovolný, an author of many technical books, stated: “It should work but does not want to in theory, it works easily and you do not why in practice. ”And the same applies to the diamond production, which we also offered to Mr Bakala, inter alia.

I was impressed by your example with a calculator when you explain how you will deal with the national debt of the Czech Republic, amounting to EUR 72 billion, i.e. CZK 1.8 trillion. As you state, it requires one of your inventions to be sold to owners of 2 880 mines. What is your certainty that so many mines will purchase your invention based upon?

The national debt of the Czech Republic is even a bit lower at the present and it will not be detrimental if we stick to the original CZK 1.8 trillion. We are of the fact that it will become the subject of huge reasoning and discussions. Therefore, let me repeat here what I wrote to the president: “Only those inventions and discoveries, the exceptional significance of which the buyer can make certain of immediately and use immediately, enable to receive enormous financial resources even within hours, especially, in case of sale of ideas. Such opportunities are offer only by some inventions. For example, when you disclose to a mine owner how he can achieve the profit amounting to EUR 200 million with the technology he owns. Such inventions are not made often, but they do exist. Your customer will be happy to replace the need of investment worth EUR 200 million in existing technologies with only EUR 25 million for license acquisition. The mine owner is mainly interested in profit, not the environment. Here our technology guarantees not only achievement of significantly higher profit while improving the miners’ safety, but also achievement of high level of environmental protection.

Mr President, the present government is not able to achieve even 10 % of these values for its citizens. It would mark an end of such government in any democratic and civilized country. We neither demand such end, nor send our politicians to where Messrs Milošević, Karadžić and Mladić ended up and where they, in the opinion of renowned lawyers, belong to for just reasons. It would be a disaster.

Mr President, only mutual agreement can avoid serious social troubles in the Czech Republic, thus drawing a thick line after crimes of the past. Otherwise, the Czech government will get into situation when it will have to defend its crimes before international institutes and international community and face suits brought against it by affected countries or individuals.”

In such case, if it is enough to sell the invention just to one third of mine owners in the People’s Republic of China to obtain 1.8 trillion, the other two thirds then represent 1.8 trillion times two, i.e. roughly two national budgets of the Czech Republic, or am I wrong?

You are right as far as the coal mines in the People’s Republic of China are concerned where there is at least the same count of ore mines, as well. Add the other mines in the world and you will get the result amounting to at least 1.8 trillion times ten. These are theories and the practice is different, as it always depends on what people are participating in realization. It would not be reasonable to pay off the debt within one year and have a lot of our fellow-citizens live in poverty or die.   

And how many inventions and discoveries like that do you have?

Only two lie that, but significantly more of those which do not fall within this category, but are worth selling. We have been offering these inventions for demonstration for ten years, but as before, even today it is about the government and the president whether they decide to finally act to the benefit of their citizens. And as far as the environment is concerned - to the benefit of all on the Earth. 

Your research activity started in the Jáchymov uranium mines and as you stated, it was, at the beginning, motivated by your effort to survive. This activity later became your passion and lasts up to the present day. It means that if you had not been imprisoned, your inventions and discoveries would not have existed today?  

Yes, this is true, but Progrest would not come into being without A. Dubček. With A.Dubček coming, the stupid class-feeling theory came down, which enabled us to establish our research and production company called P r o g r e s t, based in Havířov. At that time, it was a competitor to the state-owned research institutes which had no chance to survive. They were given the chance from the “international fraternal assistance” which also terminated Dubček’s effort to realize socialism with a human face.

Again, we were branded as class enemies with all consequences, so we spend a major part of our lives in the underground. This communist system of re-education enabled us to gain perfect knowledge of life in the underground, and thus resolve its problems with the knowledge that not everyone has.  



At the conclusion, one of many documents which will enrich history of mining work and inventions.

On 20 December 2005, Bundeskanzlerin Dr. Angela Merkel and all members of government including the federal congress members received a letter from us. Lastly, we send this really historical document also to all political leaders.

It has the following wording:

Dear representatives!

You have just read an open letter addressed to the Chancellor, in which we describe the acts of some corrupt ministers. Their acts caused huge damage to us and their ostrich policy, unfortunately, runs on.

We can only repeat what said to the representative Ing. M. Müller in 1985.

We have successfully resolve the biggest problems for all underground works and now we are ready to submit conclusive evidence in the interest of the country and miners all over the world who die in this civilized century, mainly due to the explosions.

The works done with the use of explosives can be eliminated in mines within one week and there is no expert who might dispute this fact.

Please handover the text of our letter further to your fraction.

Thank you - Jaroslav D v o r a k



Ing. Jaroslav D v o ř á k



Jaroslav D v o r a k




APPENDIX  1 - Ing. Alexandr Babiš

As I stated beforehand, I liked Ing. Babiš. Firstly, because I founded the research and production company Progrest along with the Slovakian Milan Petrík, which went far beyond the results of not only domestic, but also international research institutes operating in mining industry. Secondly, because he decided to cleans the “Augean stables”, if possible. Having watched his election campaign with interest, I suppose in the Olomouc region, I started to doubt when he was not able to answer the following question: But what is your program?

When I called the office of ANO 2011 movement, the call was answered by Ms Anna Veverková, co-founder of the movement. We even found out we knew each other and from when. I sent several letters by registered mail to Mr Babiš in an effort to arrange for a personal meeting. To illustrate I had an eminent interest in directing Ing. Andrej Babiš, I attach two letters, one of 21 August 2013 and one of 1 November 2013, as an appendix.




Ing. Andrej Babiš

Pyšelská 2361/4

149 00 P R A G U E  4

1 November 2013



Dear Mr Babiš!


In behalf of the “Research team Progrest - Wuppertal”, let me congratulate you and your team on the great election success. We watched your electioneering with interest, and sometimes with empathy with you being hopeless to answer specific questions, in particular, concerning your program. Saying I have two children and I want them to prosper better, or we will purchase chairs and furniture for the ministries differently than before, is just not enough, Mr Babiš. You are ahead of the real fight, the fight with opposition when you have to finally advise not only the opposition, but also the citizens of the Czech Republic, of your vision and leverage that will enable you to fulfill the promises made to the voters, mainly the promise that the times will really get better.

We offered such visions and leverage to you in our letters, but your political movement manager Mr Richard Brabec refused them, explaining that we do not have any evidence. But they were skillfully used by Vice Chairwoman of the Czech Social Democratic Party Alena Gajdůšková in the meeting with journalists. Quotation: The Czech Social Democratic Party wants to return the Czech Republic back to the top ten countries of the world. This is precisely the ambitious plan of the Czech Social Democratic Party! The key will be support of science and research as a part of the strategy for the next six years. Only the “Czech lion” was deleted from our program, being replaced with the Czech Republic. 

I definitely do not want to drive a wedge between you, the contrary is the case. As one can see, it is not difficult to boast about someone else’s program, however, it is very difficult to realize such program, unless the fundament and required leverage are available. I am not going to analyze what would happen if such Andrej Babiš had such fundament and leverage in his hands, which was what we wished for. The people in the Czech Social Democratic Party would not certainly have to quarrel about who will compose the government.

In our last letter addressed to you, we informed about how the Science Department of the Chinese Embassy responded to the same offer. Due to the notification from Mr Richard Brabec, this letter was perhaps too tough. In this letter, we dealt with, including but not limited to, the amount of EUR 72 billion which might play the key role in returning the Czech lion back to the elite.

Mr Andrej Babiš, there is nothing more powerful in the world than inventions, for which the right time has just come. You also have the chance to be significantly richer than Petr Kellner, but on the assumption that you will do the maximum at your position of the Minister of Finance for the Czech Republic to return to the world elite.

We have our principles and rules related to cooperation in our program and these guarantee even a share in our inventions to every partner. We are going to make written agreements only when necessary. The Chinese recipe when the partner becomes a co-inventor requires few lawyers and is, in our opinion, very advantageous in connection with you, Mr Babiš. The program must be of all of you and you personally, Mr Andrej Babiš, must be the implementor thereof, not our Progrest. We will discuss the details in person, of course. Just as the basic information before such discussions, please find below the information about the subject of the program:

  1. Non-destructive rock disintegration system. This invention enables driving and mining not only in coal mines, driving of subways, tunnels and waterways without the use of explosives. The conventional systems used for the above-mentioned works are dependent on use of explosives, producing billions of tons of CO2 and other poisonous substances, mostly oxides constituting a part of the greenhouse gases, every year. The air polluted with industrial combustion gases is on the list of carcinogens (next to asbestos, etc.), which cause cancer. The non-destructive rock disintegration equipment features low weight, low electricity consumption and high output that is unachievable by the conventional technology.
  2. The mine bracing systems according to the inventions enable maintaining the primary tension in mines and substitute the most expensive equipment in the mines that is based on stope length and depth. The prices range from fifty to hundred million euro per stope. Mr Andrej Babiš would not only understand these systems according to our inventions within a few minutes, but would not have a problem with production thereof, either. Utilization of these inventions is naturally much broader than described in these two paragraphs. For example, literal carving out of roads, highways, mostly in areas where conventional technology cannot do without the use of explosives. These inventions can also find major utilization in construction of underpasses, underground garages, etc., where savings worth hundreds of billions can be achieved as compared with the conventional state-of-the-art technology. Besides, the quality of the work is also incomparable with results achieved by the conventional technology. 
  3. There is certain utilization of curiosity I can recommend to Mr Babiš. As you certainly know well, Petr Kellner and his PPF purchased the communist hotel Praha, planning to demolish this building and using the land for new premises of their Open Gate school with beautiful surrounding park. His intention is inhibited not only by the conservationists, but also by people living in the surrounding, who are concerned that large demolition would cause big noise and high level of dust. And here his colleague-billionaire Mr Babiš might help by offering him perfect carving free of both noise and dust. Besides, the carved out material can be advantageously converted into money for further use.


Using these illustrations of utilization of two inventions of ours and indication of their global importance, it is easy to also derive their importance for your party if you decide to incorporate them in your program. Our “Progrest” research team offered this technology including its demonstration not only to Ing. Paroubek. If any of the addressed politicians accepted this offer, the Czech Republic would not have been an indebted country with high unemployment rate, full of our poor fellow-citizens. A lot of our politicians, including the president, are horrified by the idea that a new government would reveal such dirt.  A big portion of decision in this matter and responsibility for it now lies in you.

In case you admit it is suitable or advantageous for your party to accept our proposal, we suggest arranging for a meeting as soon as possible.



Kind Regards    Jaroslav D v o ř á k


Ing. Andrej Babiš

Pyšelská 2361/4

149 00 P R A G U E  4

1 November 2013



Dear Sir!


On 5 August 2013, our research team sent you a highly relevant letter, highly relevant, but it appears not to be relevant to you. Discharging the national debt of the Czech Republic in a very short period of time, thus establishing the foundation for returning the Czech lion to where it used to be, is not perhaps too interesting topic for you. Linking this fact with your determination to fight for better living in the Czech Republic, one immediately finds out that your program, unfortunately, pursues other interests. Or your ambition was affected by the fact that contrary to us, you do not have any chance to guarantee better and more dignified living to the citizens of the Czech Republic?

Dear Mr Babiš, I am 21 years older than you and I have experienced a lot. As a boy, I accompanied general Leonid Ilyich Brezhnev for several weeks, later mining uranium ore for him as a prisoner. For his peace ideals, I was branded as a terrorist group leader and Comrade Husák canceled the death penalties planned for us. And this good man throughout even made sure I did not die in the prison. It would have happened if Comrade Husák did not receive letters from eminent personalities who warned him. Quotation: “If Dvořák dies in the prison, you will be personally responsible for his death”.

To survive, we started to invent and later established the research and production company called Progrest thanks to Alexandr Dubček, manufacturing equipment here which did not find competitors in the world. When Gustav Husák passed away, we offered this technology to the post-communist politicians even for demonstration. It was necessary not only for experts to conclusively eyewitness the fact that we have all the prerequisites for living a dignified life again soon. You can read in our letters we sent to you about how it turned out every time. They acted exactly the way you act today. They never wanted to know anything and were not interested in meeting us in person. In 1968, new non-destructive rock disintegration systems were made in our research and production company Progrest and tested and well-proven in practice. This was 37 years before the Kyoto Protocol and since then, hundreds of thousands of people died for nothing and at least 400 billion tons of CO2 unnecessarily leaked into the atmosphere!

Following the negotiations we conducted in the Chinese Embassy in Prague concerning the possibilities of using our inventions and conditions for these objectives, I received two e-mails from Beijing, from a manager of scientific department where this scientist surveyed everything in person. We received addresses of experts in Beijing who we can talk to and deal with in German or Czech language.

My father always told me: “if you have a problem, ask yourself a question what TGM or Tomáš Baťa would do in such situation and act the way they would act. Mr Babiš, what would Mr Baťa do if he received the letters which you received? He would like to know details within a few hours, for example, whether these inventions and discoveries can be used for construction of his canal. Yes, this is what the great Czech - Tomáš Baťa - would do and what naturally would not be done by someone who is presented to us as “should-be” present equivalent to Tomáš Baťa.  

Are you afraid, Mr Andrej Babiš? Do you tremble for your enterprise and your billions? As an economist, you surely can imagine the power and force hidden behind EUR 72 billion. Or are you desperate due to the fact that there are people who can create such values even in a garage? You certainly can understand that that amount of EUR 72 billion is only a beginning of this return to developed and civilized society in our home in the Czech Republic?

You apparently cannot imagine a lot, even the fact that you can participate in all this if you behave like a man.

Tough words often provide eve good mutual contacts. The world will not collapse if we do reach an agreement, we will fulfill our personal obligations towards the citizens of the Czech Republic even without you.

However, you must face the fact that we will inform mainly the citizens of the Czech Republic about your attitude to our offer so that they do not get entrapped by new “Nečases” again.


for  Progrest  -  Wuppertal



Jaroslav  D v o ř á k  


Contact in the Czech Republic

Ing. Jaroslav Dvořák +420 602 713 672




Ing. Babiš decided for big political changes, but currently puddles in the same political slush that he had criticized. His generous joint purchase of furniture, etc. is declaration of misery. Mr Babiš, forgive me, but it is your end. We did everything for reversing it.


Goodbye, Andrej Babiš.   

Jaroslav Dvořák, Technischer Leiter Forschungsteam Progrest, Lützowstr.18D - 42329 Wuppertal – BRD



Wuppertal 25.04.2015

Dear Mr President,

At the beginning of my letter, please allow me to take a think about what your negative approach towards our Progrest research team consists in. I Germany, I met with German emigrants who had left their homeland after Hitler’s accession to power where they were exposed to persecution and death. I worked with them in one workplace for less than a month, as they decided to go back to Australia. “Jarda, Germany has become the same for you as Australia for us. You have a lot of advantages at all local authorities, whereas we are branded as traitors. We betrayed Hitler”.

Our first offer of help to the Czech government with our inventions was responded by prof. Ing. Valter Komárek, DrSc. He appreciated our offer in a polite form, informing us about a high-degree of such technology in the Czech Republic despite the fact that he had been informed about successes of our research and production company Progrest in Havířov in details. For betrayal of builders of happy tomorrows, we faced the same what the people returning from Australia faced.

These post-communist and post-Hitler regimes assumed certain mentality of their era, inherited from the past regimes. As Jiří Pehe states, it all carried over to the post-communist era. Mr President, you described it the best, stating that a little piece of Stalin remained in each of us. This exactly describes the cynicism and indolence of Ing. Paroubek and others, including you, Mr President, with respect to our offer of direct demonstration of our inventions. Demonstration that guaranteed conclusive evidence of possibilities of returning the Czech Republic to the elite. Demonstration that could decide about high living standard of our citizens within a single day, as well as about saving of thousands of human lives, although outside the territory of our country. Exactly as we wrote to Mr Paroubek and gradually the others, including you and the present government. 

Mr President, the consequence of your policy is your deep-rooted class-feeling. That little piece of Stalin that has penetrated to the marrow of your bones. Mr President, how good would living in the Czech Republic have been at the present without you, Paroubeks, Sobotkas, etc. The subway would have currently been interconnected with the airport, the Blanka tunnel would have been completed two years earlier, in higher quality and for much lower costs. The highways would have been connected with Slovakia, Poland, Germany and Austria long time ago. Wages of Czech workers and Czech pensioners would have been comparable with wages and pensions of the Swiss Confederation citizens. These are high words and you, Mr President, along with Mr Sobotka’s government, now have a chance to prove it would not have been that way. 

Our Progrest Wuppertal research team still has the same opportunity to submit conclusive evidence; still within a single day, like ten years ago under the rule of Ing. Paroubek. Mr President, these are the values which we informed you about in the last registered letter and which the present government of the Czech Republic is not able to create for its citizens, neither 10 % thereof. Surely too strong argument even for you, so you have reached the view that it would be better to behave like an ostrich and not to respond to such letters. Attached you will find two letters sent to Ing. Babiš.

On 14 July 2005, we sent a letter to Ing. Paroubek that contained the following sentence: “Inventions of great importance always had huge economic and political influence on stability of every government, and it is the case even at the present.” Ten years later, we are advising you, Mr President, that a government in every democratic and civilized country must resign if it is not able to create values for its citizens, amounting to at least 10 % of what our Progrest research team offers. And the failure to do so is not Mr Kožený’s fault, Mr President.

We generously offered you a solution that would reverse the anger of the people, provided a written agreement is made between the government and the Progrest research team. Besides, you demand us to provide you with more detailed information about our inventions. So it is very important to explain to you that this unpremeditated request is not only undignified, but also very dangerous not only towards the inventors, Mr President. I am 11 years older than you, Mr President, and I have experienced a lot, including 14 years of communist “re-education”. So you cannot count on us jeopardizing our lifetime work without indication of any guarantee, preventing us from making an agreement with the government of the Czech Republic. Mr President, every inventor will gladly provide all information and will gladly demonstrate his inventions on the assumption that a written agreement is made in advance. So assuming that the present politicians and you will insist on your present attitude, i.e. our inventions and discoveries not being used in the Czech Republic to the benefit of its citizens, then having an opportunity to learn about your attitudes and your “actions”, the Czech citizens themselves will decide on your further continuance in office, the requirements of which you have not met.

Ing. Křižík sold his patent rights for 310 000 gold coins to the Great Britain and USA, reserving production of his arc discharge lamps to himself forever. He received the highest award for it at the world exhibition in Paris, for which he received the Franz Joseph’ Order of the Iron Crown in 1891, becoming the Emperor’s Council. In 1905, he was named a lifetime member of the Feudal House and one year later received the honorary doctorate in technical sciences. His differential principles still control the automatic welding machines at the present.

The reason why I am stating these details is to remind you, Mr President, of a life of another Czech inventor Josef Sousedík, who was branded as Edison from Moravia and not only the whole Europe was envious. T. G. Masaryk considered him his friend and Tomáš Baťa gave him his personal aircraft at his disposal and started to build the railway from Zlín to Vestín because of him. The Brits and Americans wanted him, Siemens offered him fortune if he stops production of his electric motors. But he rejected all of these offers, because he was a patriot and believed in “his” Czechoslovakia. Josef Sousedík, a visionary and fabricant with strong social feeling, an honest municipal politician and pure nationalist impressed polite people, but horrified dictators. He was persecuted by the Nazis and hated communists. The former were afraid of him during his life, the latter were afraid of him even after his death. Was it the reason also in your case, Mr President, as you did not answer the recommendations of all for honors?

After my deportation to Germany, I had a chance to deal with politicians and inform them about our inventions and discoveries, but it was impossible to break through where the Federal Republic of Germany would lose hundreds of billions every year. It was the same when we came out against electricity production in nuclear power plants. This was too much and we were tactfully recommended to find other country for our inventions in such case. Today, Dr. Merkel would gladly welcome our solution of electricity production. She put through what she wanted to and did not choose good substitution for the nuclear power plants. Be it to her credit that Germany is currently a real leader of renewable electricity sources. They already count for 12 000 MW of capacity of nuclear power plants, which equals to 6 Temelín power plants.

Mr President, I would like you to understand that inventions of major significance endanger even the life of the inventor himself and that it is necessary to understand a lot in such situation. Inclusive the tough attitude of the Federal Republic of Germany to save hundreds of billions a year. But what continues being hard to understand is acting of the Czech politicians, as unlike the Federal Republic of Germany, our country would gain the mentioned hundreds of billions a year. Then we also have inventions which are not to be published, are confidential or are to be published only in due course for both the inventor and the users, like in our case. Achievement of realistically possible discharge from the national debt is possible only with close cooperation with the state, including but not limited to, proper timing of filing of application at the Patent Office. Mr President, any advice is precious here if not very dangerous if given by a dilettante. Proper strategy also includes form of the invention distribution.

Mr President, a miner will never forgive your share in death of miners all over the world including those in the Czech Republic. There are a number of proofs for this and we forcefully drew attention to a lot of them, giving you as an example the president who acts immediately - Mr Putin. Before leaving for the People’s Republic of China, you received a letter from us, the introduction of which stated the following: “Dear Mr President, you will soon leave to visit the People’s Republic of China where millions of the Chinese citizens died due to inactivity of the Czech politicians. No one can dispute these crimes, including you. During your visit, light up a candle symbolically, which is the least you can do to commemorate them.” This letter was supposed to move your conscience, as the content thereof clearly stated the facts of huge hypocrisy of Czech politicians including you, Mr President. Unfortunately, you settled it your way as usual - with cynical indolence. And so we will settle it after conclusion of our agreement with the government of the Czech Republic. It is still in our living memory that high production of uranium or coal was more important that a naked human life.

Now about your calculator that convinced you that the mining limit breaking would be the least evil. In the letters addressed to the Czech Republic and you, Mr President, we drew attention to electricity production sources according to our inventions, as well as to advantages of such electricity production compared to the existing sources including nucleus. The merit of this matter that might result in worldwide scandal is, Mr President, that you defend call for the tender for Temelín finishing, making offers to other partners in this matter. The scandal is the fact that our Progrest research team offers you its own project to you and to the Czech government that will surpass all projects of world manufacturers of nuclear power plants in all aspects.

Mr President, please incorporate these numbers and the pros and cons in your calculator

According to the ČEZ General Manager Mr Daniel Beneš, the reason for stopping the tender from 2009 is the low electricity price in the stock exchange. The return of investment worth CZK 300 billion is thus vastly uncertain. We also need to add the costs of construction preparation amounting to tens of billions, as well as the costs associated with building of wells for radioactive waste storage, at least for CZK 100 billion. We can build 10 Temelíns for these billions within 5 years. If the Progrest’s offers had been accepted back in 2005, it would have been the same as with the Blanka tunnel that would have been in operation for long, in better quality and for significantly lower price.  And not only that. The Czech Republic would have been operating at least two Temelíns with comparable performance and others, for example, with Mr Viktor Orbán or in Slovakia, so agreement with India or Russia on building large number of nuclear power stations would only hardly be made.

Mr Josef Středula, Chairman of the Czech-Moravian Confederation of Trade Unions, would not have to answer intrusive questions , for example, why loss of 851 jobs in Tykač company is more valuable for him than loss of 4 153  jobs in Záluží, Horní Jiřetín and Černice. Which reminds of statement of ex Prime Minister Vladimír Špidla: “Does anyone really want to be hanged on the wicket of his brownstone villa?”

Mr President, I suppose you read the book START-UP NATION by Messrs Dan Senor & Saul Winter. If you did, then there is no need to explain to you the global significance of our Temelíns or those inventions which can avoid leakage of millions of tons of CO2 and other poisonous combustion gases, including oxides comprising the greenhouse gases every year. The Israel’s successes are given by the fact that there is no politician in this country who would want to get familiar with technology that can bring fortune to his country.

We had better return to the values which have been presented to our politicians for a hundred of times, but they are infatuated with class- or party-feeling or dazzled by millions in their pockets. The reason is, as sadly stated by Archbishop Graubner, that we are an obsolete company, indolent and with no ideals. And joint sale of furniture, chairs and pens will, unfortunately, not save the republic.

The following paragraph was also presented to you Mr President, for many times as warning. Quotation: “In 1968, our research and production company Progrest Havířov manufactured the non-destructive rock disintegration systems, well-proven in practice for many times. So hundreds of thousands of people died for nothing and at least 400 billion tons of CO2 leaked into the atmosphere in vain 37 years prior to the Kyoto Protocol!

You read it first in our letter of 22 February 2013, shortly after your election to the office of the president of the Czech Republic. This letter to you states, including but not limited to, that it does not come from megalomaniacs, but from a team of Czech engineers, technicians and miners. Why did you not respond at all to this letter, Mr President? Beyond all disputes, it is obvious from the above-mentioned letter that if you dissemble it, miners will continue to die and billions of tons of CO2 will continue leaking into the atmosphere. Which, in our opinion, has its logic, or not, Mr President? And we are not mentioning the human victims associated with polluted air, there are millions of them, as stated by the World Health Organization (WHO). Not only in Israel, such acts of the Czech politicians are considered high treason, the same applies to the People’s Republic of China where it ends up by public execution. 

Mr President, the climate changes constitute a risk and threat for national security of USA according to Pentagon and President Obama. The Minister of Environment certainly realizes this fact, as well as his movement, if they still believe the times will get better.  Someone perhaps will have better times, but certainly not those who die for no reason. The King of Spain just shot an elephant to his delight and it was enough for the people to go out to the streets and demand abolishment of the kingdom. In the Federal Republic of Germany, President Christian Wulff was dismissed from his office, etc.

Like in case of the sources of water and minerals, we also must realistically expect war conflicts and lawsuits before the International Court concerning the climate. We drew attention to this threat for many times and this problem is in your hands at the present, Mr President. In cooperation with the inventors, of course, there is no other way. Our object was and still is the “Czech Switzerland”, not Czech Republic that is poor due to arrogant politicians and we can, as always, prove it. Unlike those who just keep promising to arrange for it.



Discovery of the new electricity production system and new rock disintegration system open the way to our aim to make our Czech Republic a country richer than the Federal Republic of Germany. It means the “Czech Switzerland” all-inclusive. Our research met the objective that allows us to sell even ideas, as the successful businessman Jan Mühlfeit says and writes: “In the 21st century, the countries will compete mainly with their ability to sell ideas and the innovative story of Israel is a very good example of how a small country can smartly unlock its human potential. The book about Israel, its economic miracle can serve to all of us in the Czech Republic as inspiration to return the Czech lion to where it historically belongs to - the absolute world elite.”

Every invention enables economic rise on one hand, but the inverse on the other hand. Napoleon Bonaparte would not have had to lose the naval battle with the English Admiral Horatio Nelson on 21 October 1805 if he had not refused the offer from inventor Robert Fulton. Ukraine does not have to be dependent on the gas from Putin if it builds our non-nuclear power plants; and this does not apply only to Ukraine, of course! Mr President, the energy program of our government does not have a value of the paper it is printed on and we are not the only ones to claim this.

At the conclusion, some more details for reflection. A 1000 MW coal-fired power station consumes approximately 130 thousand wagons of coal within one year of its operation, emitting 200 thousand tons of sulfur dioxide (SO2), 30 thousand tons of nitrogen oxides (NOx), 16 thousand tons of fly-ash and tens of tons of heavy, toxic and partly radioactive substances into the air. Besides, the surrounding area is burdened by 1.8 million tons of ash every year that washes away to more distant dumps, but the wind blows it up to the surrounding anyway. We still can see such environmental pollution in North Bohemia where operation of the coal-fired power plants negatively affected forests in the Krušné hory mountains.

According to the Progrest team’s invention, the power plant does not need coal, wind, sun or uranium for its operation. The costs of driving medium for all-year operation of the power plant according to the Progrest invention are lower than the price of one wagon of coal. As far as the environment is concerned, it is the same as hydraulically driven electricity production. 


Not only this letter from us, but all of the others we sent to our politicians, including you, Mr President, must be published if it is necessary to make the government do what it has been constituted and empowered for. All these letters will be translated to German and English. Our objective is to achieve conclusion of an agreement, under which the Progrest research team will renounce 50 % of profit from sale of all of its inventions and discoveries, which will give to the Czech Republic financial profit significantly higher than the national debt amounting to CZK 1.68 trillion. Like 10 years ago, we are still ready to submit conclusive evidence that the Czech Republic had and still has all the prerequisites to return to the absolute world elite. This decision of ours is fully in line with TGM’s legacy: “Evil must not be receded, evil must be fought and defeated.”


And this legacy of President TGM binds us, Mr President, to call upon you to fulfill your obligations if you do not have the possibility to dispute our statement before the citizens of the Czech Republic. The statement that the present government of the Czech Republic is not able to provide its citizens with even 10 % of what they can be offered by the Progrest research team. Certainties, which will concurrently enable revolutionary reduction of emissions in all countries of the world which has caused tens of millions of victims every year, as evidenced by the World Health Organization (WHO).


The UN conference of climate change in Paris is approaching, so it is the high time to act, Mr President. Otherwise, the Czech Republic and its representatives will be in a very difficult situation at that conference. If some of the Czech politicians experienced atmosphere of these summits, he must understand that the Czech delegation in Paris will be put in a position of serial killers before the whole world. Mr President, if someone reserves his right to decide about life and death of citizens, wherever they live, he must logically expect an adequate response. You will find everything you received today by registered mail in three languages on http://www.progrest.eu, and not only you, dear Mr President, but the whole world, as well.




Mr President, we can understand that it will not be an easy task for you, but your cowardly runaway back to Vysočina would be much worse for the Czech Republic. We still keep a little hope that you will behave like a man. And that you will not disappoint the Czech citizens, what has already happened, in their hope to live at the standard of the Swiss Confederation. Thank you.


for the Progrest-Wuppertal research team


Jaroslav  D v o ř á k




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